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Save time and money on your roof

Reduce your energy bill and avoid major repairs with quality coatings and regular maintenance.

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Save on heating and cooling with quality coatings

 You help keep heating and cooling costs down with high efficient roof coatings and acrylic sheeting. Specially designed over the years to reduce the amount of heat transfered from the sun, these systems are a great way to save some money on your energy bill.

You can choose from both acrylic systems and coatings. To get the greatest benefits, combining the two technologies will result in the best energy savings.

To help you make a more informed decision please take a look at the informational packets below for the Kool-Kote coating product and the ACRYLITE sheeting.

Kool-Kote Coatings


Myth #1: Once your new roof is installed you won’t need to think about it for another 8 - 15 years

Most homeowners think their roof will be fine without checking it for the next decade or so. This is incorrect.

Continual maintenance actually extends the life of your roof and minimizes the cost of your roof over time. Do yourself the favor of planning future roofing needs, as well as spot checks, to rule out leaks, rot, or storm damage.

  • Maximize the life expectancy of your roof
  • Minimize long term costs
  • Protect your building and contents
  • Protect your roofing warranty or guarantee

Trust the roofing experts to make sure you’re completely satisfied with your new roof with planned checks to be sure everything is well.

Myth #2: Water spots which have dried mean the water damage has stopped, so there’s no need to rush

Call the pros immediately if you see signs of leaking, such as wet spots. Water damage can mean dangerous mold is lurking in unseen areas, or worse.

Leaking roofs get worse over time, not better, and often lead to very expensive structural repairs, wood rot, and more. Contacting the professionals after storms can help prevent damage which may occur due to harsh weather.

Contact the experts at Rapp Roofing right away for inspections when you notice signs of moisture, dripping, dark stains or dried water spots in the ceiling.

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